Pinnacle at NFDA 2018

A Message from the CEO:

We were very pleased to attend one of our industry’s premier conventions in Salt Lake City, Utah last week.

The National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) brought together approximately 1,500 members – along with untold vendors, sponsors and suppliers – for its 137th annual convention.

We connected with many old friends and made some new ones. Several employees who work remotely for Pinnacle got to meet each other in person for the first time as well.

For our part, we noticed a few important themes emerge, which we believe will shape our work over the next several years:

  • Passion for serving others with authenticity and kindness;
  • Personalization in delivering unique and meaningful experiences, products and services to families; and,
  • Progress as technology helps us stay relevant and connected to the digitally savvy generations to come.

Former First Lady Laura Bush headlined the opening-day keynote address to a packed audience. Appropriately, she spoke with candor about the passing of her mother-in-law, Barbara Bush, and also thanked the funeral profession for their assistance after the 9/11 tragedy.

While we’re always conscious of the sensitive nature of our work, our gathering at the Salt Palace reaffirmed just how many good-hearted, dedicated people serve families in the United States and internationally.

We listened with interest to the current CEO of the NFDA, Christine Pepper, who unveiled important information and public service announcements reminding all adults, not just funeral directors, that children need to grieve as well.

Youth & Funerals from The Funeral Service Foundation

However, it was the second-day Remembrance Service that vividly captured the sublime aspects of love and loss, the soaring music of heartbreak and hope, and the spiritual challenges of being human.

We look forward to gathering again next year in Chicago with our colleagues and friends, so that we can make sure we’re continuing to serve families in the ways that truly matter to them.

Warm regards,

Paul Haarer

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