Macon Funeral Home in Franklin, NC

We’re pleased to announce that Macon Funeral Home has joined the Pinnacle family of firms, adding another North Carolina location. Larry and Melissa Buchanan founded the highly respected funeral home in 1992. They and many of their staff members are local and well known in the community. Their long history of success — and their more recent desire for a succession plan — resulted in a good fit for the Buchanans.

Macon Funeral Home in Franklin, NC

“The care they lavished on the facility and, more importantly, the many families they assisted, has created a striking image of compassion, service to others, and good faith in Franklin,” Pinnacle CEO Paul Haarer said. “That’s the kind of foundation I’m especially interested in building on.”

There will be a continuation of Macon’s family-first approach, and the only operational changes will come from adopting some of Pinnacle’s processes and efficiencies. “The people in Macon County will immediately recognize the excellence in service they’ve come to expect,” Haarer said.

Macon Funeral Home, 261 Iotla Street, Franklin, NC   (828) 524-5540