Free Valuation

What is the Value of Your Business?


Pinnacle would be pleased to provide a free, confidential valuation of your company. In order to value your firm, Pinnacle would need the following information:

  1. Copies of three years annual financial statements (or tax returns), plus latest interim financial statements (if available).
  2. Total call volume by location for each of the last five years. Also include any breakdown on mix of at-need vs. pre-need (if possible).
  3. A list of all staff including title, current salary, part-time, full-time and benefit status.
  4. Vehicle listing (including year and model).
  5. Estimated fair market value of your property.
  6. Copy of your GPL, CPL and VPL.
  7. Value of prearranged funds.
  8. Competitor list along with estimated call volumes.

*Please send all information to our mailing address or email